the best CPU temp monitor software for pc

each day of the year , computer user are struggling of monitoring temperatures of their hardware to make their work progress during the days of the week stable without any frustration of pc shutting...

3 Main steps to overclock monitor safely

you might know of gpu or cpu overclocking to reach its maximum clockspeed , and maybe you search before and found of mob or...

Step by step tutorial in how to set up a dual monitor

Building a powerful pc to play video games; or to stream is start going worldwide in the past few years, and we have seen...

Best 5 monitors for Both PS5 & XSX under 400$

Tired of Searching for a Monitor that can fits your budget and console performnace, on this article we listed a best 4k & 1080p...

High resolution or High frame rates what should you choose ?

Are you confused whenever someone starts talking about monitors ? and use some new terms like 4K , 2k and 1080 p ? you...
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best online multiplayer games mobile on 2021

Most of the mobile owner who plays video games like a great multiplayer games mobile. The best mobile multiplayer games come in many different...

5 Games We Predicted To Be Delayed to next year

 It's no secret that video games are one of the world's most successful entertainment industries in terms of huge returns; heavy sales, and the...

All you need to know about league of legends wild rift

What’s wild rift league of legend mobile version wild rift become the most download game in2020, Legauge of legend Wild rift is a team-based strategy...

3 easy steps to win in league of legend wild rift

league of legends wild rift became one of the most downloaded game in playstore, just after almost 3months of its released date, and studies...



Best gpu for 1440p and 144hz for gaming 2021

choosing graphics card that can give you the best experience on certain resolution become really difficult the past few months, especially that you want...

AMD Announces The RX6800,RX6800XT And The Big Navi RX6090XT

Big Navi RX6900XT Is here with reasonable price comparing to RTX 3090 AMD finally launched its RDNA 2 powered Radeon RX 6000 series, which competes...

Powerful RtX3080 specf From Nvidia

In spetember 1st nvidia annoucned the release of new RTX3000; the series based on Ampere manfauctred by samsung,the cards announced by Nvidia CEO...

how to know the best Gpu you need to buy ?

graphic cards how do you choose the right graphic cards for your computer?graphic card is a pc component used most of the time to optimize...


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