3 Main steps to overclock monitor safely

you might know of gpu or cpu overclocking to reach its maximum clockspeed , and maybe you search before and found of mob or rams  overclocking, but have you ever heard of   monitor overclocking ,

yes as you read it monitor and not graphic cards , that allows you to increase the monitors refresh rate to give you the fluidity that needed on your gaming experience

 is it safe to overclock a monitor ?

 usually the monitors came with limited refresh rate to avoid any of the issues that might appear into the user’s monitor so that’s why they made their monitors support overclocking to its maximum speed

so why would you play or work on your monitor on limited refresh rates as long as you can own highers Hz without any harm ? 

 we recommended to wait until the warranty is over to overclock the monitor , overclocking is one of the reasons to expire the warranty contract , and we are not responsible of any damage may happen through this blog post 

the monitor came with standared refresh rates , 60hz and you can overclock it to 75hz for some types of monitors and others also can reach to 110hz , you can’t change a 60hz monitor to  75 or 144hz unless your monitor supports that number of hz the results of overclocked displays is the monitor itself ,

even if it’s the same type and model , and on this article you find out 

how to overclock a monitor on different ways 

the benefits of overclocking monitor overclocking can give you huge performance added to your hardware settings , and it adds number of frames to your monitor which would provide more fluidity and graphics to the games and can reduce the screens tearing.

and the reason why the screen tearing might appear is the number of frames that you graphics card can provide with the number of frames the monitors shows to your display for example your gpu can provide 100fps on Call of duty warzone and the monitor can only show 60 frames so that difference of frames is lost which appear that issue although there are many feautres now can minimize the issue of images tearing like vsync and g-sync 

How to tests your overclocking monitor performance 

before dig in into the overclock process of your monitor let’s see how can we evaluate the safety of your overclocking to not to get any harm can happen to your overclocked monitor  .

after overclock  the monitor to an upper number of frame than the native number, we must managed the ability of your monitor that works stable running to shown you the number of the frames rate increased through the overclocking ,

or as it called frame skipping which it happens when the monitor can not take the latest refresh rate and not showing all the frames.

you can tests your monitor new performance by using TestUFO , you can utilize it through google chrome or mozilla firefox , it appears black screen with white box , and number of hz 

Basically what you have to do is take photos of dynamic graphic with a slower shutter speed iso, if everything is normal, you should takes the above quality (poor quality) photos. If the shaded boxes line up and are not damaged,

you have succeeded. and you can overclock to a highest frames rates  If the boxes are separated, then you are having frame skipping and you should return to a lower number 

monitor can be overclocked way more efficient when you are having an amd or Nvidia Gpus for example  gtx  or rtx to reach higher refresh rates without any issues 

how to overclock  your monitor safely 

If you have Nvidia Gpu software  , it overclocks with few steps , and that’s what nvidia control panel menu provides through its option please fellow this guide to avoid any misstep 

  1. Go to to Nvidia  geforce control panel 
  2. pick display from the list  
  3. press on Change resolutions and it appears another box 
  4. press on resolutions 
  5. it appear your current resolutions as it’s on the picture 1440×2560 
  6. now press on customize that will open a windows it shows you the resolutions 
  7. select create anew customize 
  8. it will pop up another window to modify the setting of refresh rate  

make sure the standard coloum is automatic, most of the time the refresh rate of any monitor is fixed on 60hz , now we will increase it to 70 and select test. it would shut down the image of your monitor for a second ,

and it appear a box to confirm your current overclocking refresh rate. Don’t freak out if your monitor keeps on black picture for more than 5 second , it appear again after 15-20s

after you apply the changes you notice a better significantly of frames . 

and you keep increasing the frames over and and works it through the Testufo as we explained above until you search for the best overclocked speed  of your monitor 

how to overclock a monitor with Amd gpu and laptop monitor

 to overclock a monitor that use radeon amd cards , you must download  CRU ( custom resolution utility ) after installing press on add from detailed resolutions section ,

it appears new box select automatic-LCD  standrad on timing and fill the column with current resolutions on this case 1920*1080below the box you occur the refresh rate and makes 65hz and press ok ,

and keep adding by 5hz every time  on the detailed resolutions box , for example keep adding from 65 to 70 until you reach the maximum number of frames that your monitor can handle.

restart your pc from your desktop clickright and choose display setting select advance dispaly setting then to monitor it shows the number of hz before overclocking which is 60hz ,

and keep adding that amount until you reach the perfect overclocking step to your  monitor’s and apply the changes with the testing through the website  Testufo  just the same as nvidia control panel after you look for the good refresh rate to you monitor, goback to detailed resolutions and remove the other display profile that you created, and keep only the ones that fits your overclocking monitor . 

How to overclock a monitor with CPUintel can let you create a different resolutions than the native thing through its graphic propertiesclick on  display on the usage resolutions you can fill the dimension of the monitor and the refresh rate  conclusion higher frames is always what esport gamers is looking for , and because the newest monitor with 144hz are expensive , there’s always how to solve that, and that’s what  we explained today , 

but we alwas remind you that if you do nota high end graphic card provides you 60 fps easily , than no need to overclock your monitor for that . however overclocking monitor of your computer is not as exact science sometimes it leads to pushing your monitor’s capacity to its limits by trying to move  beyond its max  system power before you overclock your monitor read carefully the features of your display ,

but overall most of them allow you to overclock it to 75hz  if they are designed to gaming users.also try to overclock it slightly than its native settings , do not increase from 60hz to 90 from the first try shot

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