5 Games We Predicted To Be Delayed to next year

 It’s no secret that video games are one of the world’s most successful entertainment industries in terms of huge returns; heavy sales, and the ability to make huge profits from the same product even years after it’s available in the market.

 Maybe games like Ground Theft Auto V; Rainbow Six Siege and others are the best evidence of this, but at the same time, it’s one of the most expensive industries, both financially and physically.

The participation of hundreds of people during the development process, especially in AAA Titles, and a two- to three- or four-year work period on average,

which means a lot of expenses and a lot of effort compared to any other entertainment industry. 

 Since these projects consume countless resources throughout the work period; all development studios and publishing companies are trying to take enough time before releasing the product to ensure that any technical problems are eliminated.

the game is in a stable condition that contributes to their success; and compensates for the huge expenses throughout the development period. 

So, it was natural that dozens of headlines in recent years have been postponed more than once. 

The risk has catastrophic consequences, as happened a few months ago with Cyberpunk 2077 however; To ensure players remain enthusiastic about the project,

 and to gain the approval of investors at the same time; initial issuance dates that are often fictitious and changed depending on the status of the address during the development period.

 In the early days of 2021; it was announced that more than one game to be launched would be postponed in the coming period, 

some for a short period, such as postponing the game of Chernobylite for the second quarter of 2021,

and some for unknown dates, such as postponing the game of Prides Republic to an unknown date.

so today we decided to share our expectations for the most outstanding titles later this year; and we believe that they will not fulfill those promises to a large extent, according to many indications. 

Dying Light 2

 The game of survival has worked in its first part thanks to the rich virtual world of content and endless activity; the interesting story and unexpected events, and the ongoing support so far 6 years after the release date,

all of these elements have made Dialing Light an integrated adventure for survival and zombies with the ability to play its events from start to finish with your friends through collaborative play. 

 More than two years ago, the second part of the game was unveiled with exciting shows of suspense and unexpected ideas;that make the first part seem like nothing compared to what TechLand is planning to provide in the second part,

whether it’s the choices of players that are incredibly affecting the world around them; or the improvements that have involved a world that’s four times larger than the map of the first part; all of which looks interesting, but after the official unveiling of the game. 

 The total silence that lasted for more than a year was dissipated in moments after the leaks and various reports began to talk about catastrophic development;

irreversible technical errors, and the departure of many of the main elements in the studio due to the different viewpoints with the officials. 

This required an official comment from Tech. The launch of Dialing Light 2 was scheduled last fall before the studio; announced its work on a dedicated version of the new generation’s equipment; and therefore requires a longer period of development. 

Recently, the official Twitter page confirmed that there are more details this year, but in the absence of the game and no information on the status of the studio,

it appears that 2021 will not be a convenient date to launch the address to the market; and we will not be surprised by postponing the address 2022. 

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