All you need to know about league of legends wild rift

What’s wild rift

league of legend mobile version wild rift become the most download game in2020, Legauge of legend Wild rift is a team-based strategy game where two teams of 5 players competing with each other to reach their goal.

the goal is destroying the enemy nexus and claim victory; but claiming a victory is not that simple as it seems to be; to win the game you have to kill all the enemies; powering up and leading the team
but first, let’s take a moment and see what should you know before playing League of legend wild rift

league of legends wild rift for beginners

Lanes wild rift ( the map structure )

Wild rift is designed to have multiple roles in the game; each role plays in a specific area on the map.

As we mentioned on the previous article, league of legends wild rift has 3 map lanes . , solo lane ( Barone lane ) & (mid lane ) those lanes you can play by
only one champion, duo lane(dragon lane) meanwhile dragon lane you can play it by two champs
Barone lane champion,
are tankers who are capable to bash their enemy or guard that lane to keep their team safe from the strongest player of their opponent team
Mid lane is home to champions who wants to fight and do a lot of damage
Dragon lane: this lane is a duo lane, which mean you a carry or as it called ADC ( attack damage carry ) to that’s why they need protection early on a Support who is the protector of the team by protecting shielding, healing
engaging and defending

league of legends wild rift Champions

  • Adc: they go dragon lane with support, their main role is to farm and carry the game;- ashe and miss fortune are good for beginners
  • Support: they protect, help, heal teammates – i suggest lux and seraphine
  • Jungler: they farm in the jungle , they take down objectives,( elemental drakes, rift heralds or baron ); they give vision in river area and help the other lanes – i recommend shivanna and evelynn
  • Mid: here is “clash of mages and assassins” midlaners usually help junglers when they engage enemies; in the jungle or when they take objectives – ahri , oriannna , zed are good
  • Baron lane : they are usually tanky, solo laners who split push and usually engage teamfights ; Darius and Garen for beginners and fiora and Camille being meta but harder to play

wild rift Abilities

Each champion has 5 unique abilities on his skills list
1 passive and 3 basic ability and ultimate, passive skills are always on you don’t have to push any button to activate and it helps the champion
The basic & ultimate ability requires pressing and aiming through your enemy and strengthening you during the game; this is where you putting the skills point while you are gaining them from leveling up.

As a new player in the game you start with level 1 with only one skill point, each time you level up you get an extra skill point; each point you put into a skill will allow you either to unlock new skills or strengthen the skill that you using during the fight.

Keep in mind that you only can put 4 points in each ability and the game locked some specific skills at a certain level
The maximum level number in a league of legends wild rift is 15; once you reached that level your experience is no longer important to get new benefits, the only way to power up in that level is by farming to get gold .


Gold used to buy item from the shop at your base , which you can use at the start of the game or using a recall ability.
Item can increase your stats like Attack damage, abilities, defence stronger, it depends on most of the time about the champ that you are playing by and the enemy against you.
You can purchase items from the initial start gold, or by farming during the game ( killing minions or enemies or destroying the enemy’s structure ).

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