Best gpu for 1440p and 144hz for gaming 2021

choosing graphics card that can give you the best experience on certain resolution become really difficult the past few months, especially that you want to enjoy the experience on certain monitors with specific resolution and framerates. 

on the last few years we have seen most of streamers or gamers wants to play on 1440p monitors with 144hz gameplay is the modern standard ,

even after the newest generation of console been released , 1440p  became the most achievable resolution by anyone.   

1440p with 144hz is so demanding and sometimes is not easy to achieve that  , to reach that resolution you must get the best combination between all the other components and  the gpu to avoid Bottleneck

 keep in mind before buying a  cpu for your newer config of QHD with 144hz must be with 8threads and frequency of 4.5 or above 

what gpu is best for 1440p 

the NVidia geforce RTX 3060 ti is the best graphics card that offer the best gaming vibeson 1440p monitor  with 8gb of vram which is future proof with good and reasonable price   between all the videocards available today on Q1 of 2021

 the card as it shows on test power could reach 144hz on higher setting on different from recent games such as cyberpunk, apex legends , between all the kind of 3060 ti on the market ,

the best gpus  3rd party recommended editions between them is Asus editions with some extra budget but it efficient and incredibly silent and cold gpu options  makes you getting  from it.

some expert are considering the RTX 3060 card the most flawless and the second fastest gpu on the world with its costrange with only 400 usd $ 

which Gpu for 1440p and 144hz 

Both nvidia and Amd are refreshing thier gpus cards on each generation they are releasing it , but not only the RTX series are hitting the spot of 144hz on QHD monitor,

there are many more can reach that with best graphics settings you can pick from GTX gpus

 GTX geforce  1660ti 

nvidia geforece Gtx 1660ti is worth owning when it comes to high refreshesrates on 1440p performance, it’s one of the most economical gaming video card with only 270 usd $ for an entry to 1440p gaming world,particuallry on Esport titles, like Csgo,league of legend, overwatch and rainbow six siege,

the benchmark of the card shows that you can get a refresherates on high setting on those games.

between low and  medium setting on other AAA titles  to stay on 144 hz , the 1660ti worth having for inexpensive graphics card gamers, a

nd it’s the same perforamnce as GTX 1070 with cheap price, but if you are looking for avreage 120-144hz fps you must step you budget for the next level. 

AMD radeon RX 5700 / 5700xt

 with 370 usd $ , the vega technologies  is offering huge gaming power in both 1080p and 1440p with these two gpus that released to compete with RTX 2060 super , but RX 5700 is winning the race on the mid range spending money and performance , you can play on 1440p resolution and high framerates on medium and low setting and high setting in some popular titles .The RX 5700 will  execute most difficult graphics games at medito high settings.

You will be able to take advantage of the max frames of the display and hover around the 144fps mark at 1440P, while the less demanding titles will be able to support at their  ultras-high setting’s. 

 you will enjoy the excellent visual graphic of the game with freesync monitor feautres  with AMD redeon ; but it has a disadvantage and it’s not supporting ray tracing comparing to its Rival nvidia RTX 2060 ,  if ray tracing is not concerned by you; the RX 5700 is the best graphics card for mid range 1440p and 144hz

 RTX geforce  2060 super 

the best grahpics card for 1440p is the RTX 2060 , the nvidia card made to be among of the best card for 1440p 144hz gaming gpu on 2020, before the releasing of 3000 series , with reasonable price , it’s 40 % faster than the GTX 1660ti and with extra 150 usd $ and better value ,which is considreded as top 3 best gaming graphics card for 1440p 144hz back to 2020.

the geforce 2060 super  will let you enjoy the best highest visual setting  on the gaming monitors  with 1440p 144hz  ultrawides screens , the graphic card supports ray tracing , and sync features on computer screen.

the only thing disadvantage of this card it came only with 6gigabyte of vram. with different kind of version the 2060 also has different releasesfrom MSI , EVGA,zotac and asus , all of them are giving better tested system comparing to founders edition

can a RTX 2070 run 1440p 144hz on gaming monitor?   

the answer is Yes, but comparing to the Geforce 2060 , Rtx  2070 is faster only by 1% and 0.1 % of frame rate but if you seek for more fps on 1440p graphisme on monitor that can reach 144hz refresh rates on different kind of esport and triple Agames,

but still not the good deal for pc builder , comparing to its capability against the 2060  between 2070 , rx 5700 and 2060 on 144hz 1440p graphisme. 

Is 3080 overkill for 1440p

the Rtx 3080 founded by samsung new technology and amper architecture is considreded as best gpu for 1440p and 2160p , comapring to RTX 2080 ti and 2080 super , the 3080 is capapble of running ray tracing games on 2160p with 60hz and 1440p with 144hz , and is the current best gaming graphics card is made by geforce nvidia .

The Green team  geforce RTX 3080 is the best graphisc card you can get to play on 1440p 144hz on ultra-high setting, the gpu offers a great performance on all kind of games Triple A or esport , with all feautres are on sync , DLSS ,ray tracing without any drop of frames or any other’s the best gaming graphics cards deals on 1440p 144hz ultrawide curved monitor been  experienced from most of youtuber’s review .

actually the GeForce 3080 gives you the answer to play on high frame rates 144hz or above on 1440p  60frames  on 4k which can the player enjoy switching between gaming mode on his monitor or esport mode with maxrefresh rate with 144hz or more .

best cpu for QHD AND 144hz 

before buying any new graphics cards , you should know that  you must find best combination between you gpu and micro-processorperformance to enjoy the maximum visual graphics on your gaming monitor .

 you don’t have to buy the best processor on the market just one of the newer from the latest generation  from intel or amd .ryzen 3600/5600 is the best choice and the best compatible if you are buying radeon  rx 5700xt card,intel 10700k is the best gaming cpus generation if you having nvidia gefroce rtx 2060 / 3060.


the Rtx 3060 ti is the best alternative for the full gaming gameplayand noone can say no to invest 400$ to future proof gpu; but if you are with low-cost money you should go either for 2060 super or 1660ti 

the nvidia geforce 3080 the beast of graphics for sure , but you must invest more money on the whole setup to to enjoy the gaming graphics  with resolution on either 1440p and 144hz or 4k with 60hz

 some recommended gaming monitor for 1440p 144hz with freesync and Gsync you can find it here

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