best online multiplayer games mobile on 2021

Most of the mobile owner who plays video games like a great multiplayer games mobile. The best mobile multiplayer games come in many different categories and truly demonstrate the potential of the platform.

Multiplayer racing mobile games like Mario Kart Tour and Asphalt 9: Legends show that mobile devices provide multiple  racers. Multiplayer action mobile games such as

PUBG mobile and Fortnite clearly show that iOS and Android can provide the same intense experience as PCs.

regardless to the limited specs of mobile,but we can see that pubg mobile runs smoothly on mobile than the pc.

You can play this list of multiplayer mobile video games through your Android or IOS phones,

and most of them are free to download; just free up some space to download the 10 best mobile games to play with Friends.

the best multiplayer games mobile to play with friends

mobile games are becoming popular in recent year, especially last year during the lockdown, the stats show that mobile games player multiplied,

and the reason why mobile games player increased is the cross platfrom game engines;

that started making video games for all the platforms, now you can play with your friends or family members on pc meanwhile they play on their phones or any other platfrom  

here’s the best mobile online games that you can play with friends now on your android phone or ios 

Among us

Speaking of mobile games , it should be the first phone game to play on your games list.

multiplayer games mobile

few days after realizing it could reach to top of the most watched game on Twitch for two month on a row .

The game needs no introduction, everyone had at least a friend played or still playing these games before.

The story of the game is easy, you find yourself in space in a ship with 5-10 players or as it called crewmate; and you must know who is the imposter between you.

and you can communicate with your crewmate to vote for the imposter through the chat box in game or discord 

this game became available on mobile in jun 2018  

You can read some tips to be pro in Among us here


This games is cartoon fun, it’s battle royale, with some pets characters; and the style of the more you play the more character and abilities unlocked ,

You may find the game is hard at the begging of the game; but it gets easier when you find the lootbox .

But players who are tried the game disclaimed the game because of unequal character,

which means that as a starter you will find yourself with high-level character with thousands of abilities unlocked .

the game released on mobile on feb 2019

Rise Kingdom lost crusade 

The game is one of the great mobile device strategies, which you have to build your empire 

A management and strategic games in which you lead a Stone Age to The Fudal civilization,

while fighting enemies in infinite numbers and seeking to expand the boundaries of your emerging empire.

When you start a new tour, you have a choice between eight different civilizations; including Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, and German.

After you choose your civilization, the game begin and you only have some huts, farms, and a wooden mill. Your mission is to transform these simple resources into a city that can stand up to the demands of time.

You’re going to have three tasks in Risof Kings: building new buildings to develop your empire;exploring the surrounding areas, and, of course, repelling external threats. To confront barbarians and other enemies, you need your armies as well as your generals.

You’re going to be able to recruit dozens of enormous generals and you’re going to be able to improve their level and owns them to learn skills.

the game published by ilith games on day 20th sept 2018

State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

the game is just Rise of kingdom but on Zombie apocalypse, all you have to do is to build you city ,

getting together with alliance to protect you and waging war not only from Foes but even from the Zombies would be attacking you inside the match .

release date of stat of survival on aug 2018

dead by dylight mobile 

The role of the Dead by Daylight is that four-player are stuck somewhere; and there’s a killer who wants to kill them, they have to run away before they’re killed,

they’ve got to run away by fixing up five electrical machines; and when they’re successfully fixing them, the escape gate opens so that peoples can survive with their lives; all in a climate of psychological terror and breathtaking, that makes you separate your race from all the areas of your body.

You can choose from the beginning if you want to be between the four people; or you want to be the killer, and each of them has 15 characters;

and each has its own special qualities and ability to do something;

and that makes you not easily bored with the limited competition, where you can move between characters to find out who your favorite character is.

The game is free online on both IOS and Android and it released on jun 2016

Identity V

It’s one of the most powerful horror games on Google Play World; where you’re going to join a very exciting and wonderful party, and it’s the first horror game coming from netase.

And that leads you into the world of mystery and awe, exciting and wonderful; and you have to have a strong heart to challenge terror completely.

You’re going to have much exciting and wonderful competitions inside the game,

and that’s in a lot of pretty awful stages that you have to prepare for strong competition and claming a certain number of points a

nd profits in the stylegame by opening up a many of stages in the gaming mode.

Identity V is a free appstore and playstore with 750mb capacity; for all phone operating system appele store and android store , it published on apr 2018

Ark survival evolved 

The Ark starts: ( Ark Survival Evolved) based on your selection as a man or woman on the mysterious Island Beach (ARK). Your job must certainly be to survive. All kinds of difficulties will be fought with cold, hunger and fear. You’ll have to hunt, harvest and invent useful tools from the raw resources you have.

And most important of all is fighting and hunting giant species of creeping dinosaurs or a plane; whether wild or marine.. or deal with it intelligently and try to tame it and benefit from its capabilities and terrible potential.

The main goal in the games is to survive, and that should require a lot of you.. You’re going to have to establish your base or your own habitat;and you’re going to have to have weapons and tools and food.. also most important is finding a way to get a fire.

to actually start to create your own stability; you need thousands of resources and the basics of doors and windows and floor materials that you can acquire through your play and your evolution and your progression in stages.

It’s one of the most played games with friends on Pc and console, but it’s not that popular on mobile 

Ark used unreal engine to enhance their gaming performance specially and it considred the best for this types of multiplayer games designed to multiple platform mobile , pc and consoles

and it was released on oct 2nd 2015

Marvel Strike Force

The games is one of the best phone app for superhero fans. For android and ios

It’s an RPG game where the players play the role of any of their favorite superheroes Marvel. Recruit classic Marvel heroes such as . Spider-Man ،Thor ،Captain America أو Doctor Strange. Or join the forces of evil where you find Crossbones, Luki, venom or Kingpin

It’s not a regular games of role-playing and JRPG, that I’m used to. Each of your heroes, as usual, uses their own attacks, and when you’re done, your opponents might come in, and they would attack you.

And if you felt bored watching these face-to-face encounters; you can legislate things by changing the dynamics settings to make them faster or switch battle settings to the automatic approach.

As we know, you’re not going to begin to venture into all that privileged group of heroes. Because it takes you to get them by playing against another set of characters at the beginning of the games.

 And as your skills improve, you’ll be able to leverage your level and unlock a couple of the best Marvel characters (which include characters with no dedicated fans).

And whatever it is, Marvel’s veteran fans love this it a too much because of the huge number of heroes you have.

the game was developed by foxnext and released on mar 2018 

Clash of clans

The 2020 calash of clans Mobile is one of the best mobile app available to all users on the iPhone and Android platforms.

It has been classified as a strategic game in which a player can construct his base and then train his forces to fight against enemies who seek to destroy his base and defeat it.

The game has won the admiration of millions of players worldwide. It is designed with an excellent strategy.

The game has hundred advantages. The player can join a tribe of his friends that already exists, or create his own tribe, and invite his friends to join it to form a strong tribe that can fight with all other tribes in the server as one team.

The city can be defended using strong high fences, gun arsenals, mortar guns, traps and bombs. The king of al-Ghaylan also fights through an extensive campaign throughout the kingdom. He can develop distinguished plans to fight, which include countless formations of troops and brigades.

 Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the battle Royale Mobile version of the COD series of war games, and it’s played from FPP prespective COD Mobile is a game of programming and development by Activision in collaboration with Tencent,

the same developer for Pubg Mobile , and this game combines both the famous Pubg mobile , Fortune, and Apex Legends with a pattern from the perspective of the FPS as the 1st -ever mobile games A comes with these two feautres together.

The game came with better graphics and shooting style on mobile than other altrection royale games such as Pubg mobile , specailly with pvp mode that was announced on jan 2021

And for the sports multiplayer online games that you can play with friends 

Tennis clash : 1v1 free online sports games 

Tennis clash is one of the games that would give you much of fun while playing online with your friends if you’re a tennis enthusiast.

The game is a perfect simulation of real tennis games with all its strict rules, all the excitement and enjoyment you have,

and the app has a series of 3D-made graphics with high quality, unlimited movement and performance,

and most importantly, you can play tennis with your friends anywhere in all around the globe, You play online with players you never met  online.

some reviews 

  • The size of the Tennis Clash is only 55M.
  • They climb up to play for all ages after three years.
  • Works on Android edition 4.1 and later.
  • The last update was in Jan of 2021.
  • The current software edition of the is 2.4 and waiting for more updates.
    • It is free, but there’s some simple buying inside it.
  • The gameplay was evaluated on Google Play Store by 3.9
  • The tennis mobile ranked between the best sports games got a hundred of comments that I praised and confirmed they were great.
  • The ONLINE server works hard with friends and other people around internationally.

NBA live mobile 

So if you’re really a basketball fan, you’ve got to enjoy playing it on your phone, where I’m going to talk about a very special of it , NBA LIVE Mobile,

which is a mobile  application thatthat allows its smartphone players to play in the USA Professional League and form the team that loves to beat their opponents all, which is a reminder to the baskball through his smartphone.

NBA LIVE Mobile gameplay method:

it is very simple. All you have to do is download it from your app store and install it on your phone so you can join in the NBAProfessional League, form strong teams,

defeat your opponents in enthusiastic matches to win the game’s various rewards, and it’s a live online phone videos  games that means you can play with opponents from all over the internet , but you have to provide continuous internet connectivity so you can play it.

last updates come to it was on dec 2020 

and the 2021 version was supposed to be released on oct 2020 but there’s no info about it’s releasing yet 


 those was our list for multiplayer mobile games to play with your friends through your phone,

and still there are other famous games that we didn’t mention such as pubg and Minecraft these two are one of top best multiplayer games from everyone. 

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