the best CPU temp monitor software for pc

each day of the year , computer user are struggling of monitoring temperatures of their hardware to make their work progress during the days of the week stable without any frustration of pc shutting down or blue screen .

to avoid all that we brought to you dear reader the right way to monitor temps of your hardware and the best tools are responsible of monitoring its temperature and the perfect method to maximize the lifespan of your cpu; by monitor its temperature 
 regardless to its hardware specs and options checking your cpu temp doesn’t require a lot of effort for cpu temp monitoring,

most of the recent cpus and gpu  came with digital  thermal sensors  built-in , which would let you need only some specific softwares on your windows to  measure those heating information into a numbers 

we are going toexplain step by step how to monitor your cpu temp for your pc , and some advice in how to reduce if your cpu temperature is too high .

what will happen if your cpu is on high temperatures 

as part of the motherboard’s configuration it command the other parts such as gpus or Rams and cpu, and application that uses too much power or as it called usage to minimize its performance; to avoid any future issue only for security check whenever your pc is overheated  

  • there some other parts that be affected by temperature, which is the hard-disk , and as it known if it corrupted it can’t be fixed anymore and you lose all of your files 
  • and through the increasing of the temperature and using for long hours is cause the damage to your cpu and the death bluescreen begin showing unusually . 

what is the good  CPU temperature 

there’s no assuming of max temperature for cpu , because it related to many other factors such as geographic  location of the you dear reader  , coolin’ system , cpu specs core and speedfan and the other computer parts such as ram and gpu regardless to temperature of service is different from company to the other , and to model over the other but with all that we can predict the range of the norms that would give no harm to cpu lifespan  

but if the cpu is on idle and not been used on any programs the perfect temperature is under 50 celsius  , 120Fahrenheit   under high load such as video montage or playing games or any heavy tasks which will let the processor requires more frequencies and because of that  it might reach 80-90 °C approximatively to 185°F  but you always monitor temp of processor during these tasks to avoid any surprises 

anything above 90°C-192°F is critical to your pc hardware temp and won’t let you work peacefully  on high temp at this point some CPUs will start throttling  which limits the clock speed of the processor and to ensure not to overheat and sometimes it leads to occur  to the bluescreen 

but some processors can run hotter than the other for example laptop cpu can not handle more than 70-80 °C- 158-176°F
but in some cases such as games or heavy programs  can handle 100% use of their cpu, you can work without any issue for almost an hour or two with break of 15 minutes from once in awhile , but keep an eye on the temperature with the thermometer software that we are going to list below  

how do i monitor my cpu temp

the best cpu temp monitor softwares

monitoring cpu temperature is so easy you only need to open a software and read out  the statistics that it provides  and for hundred of toolkits available  for monitoring your hardwares  MSI afterburner , core temp , nzxt’s cam, HWmonitor , open hardware and speccy ,realtemp,hwinfo  and for linux and Ubuntu there are psensor 


is a powerful and the popular  tool that designed for gamers mode and for users who wants to speeds their Pcs, Once you installing  and open the After-burner software, you should see a graph on your monitor The main displaytemperature, the cpu temperature and alot other features that it  monitors its heat  . it came with sample guide that can help you to re organizer the priority of the pc hardware that you have to  monitor during your work or gaming experience .  you can control hundred features of the program such as fanspeed , voltages and you can limit the temperature  of  your cpu as well  to activate the the cpu monitor 

  • you open the software and go  to settings and to monitoring , 
  • you get a list of things to monitor such as ram utility ,gpu monitoring , cpu temp, ( you might seecpu1 ,cpu 2, and it only mean the number core of the cpu) 
  • you can monitor both its handles and temperature 
  • than press OK to set out on your monitor it on the taskbar  

you can select shows on the display or OSD to appear the results of your  processor temps monitoring  

you can download it for your windows from here 

AIDA64 Extreme

Is free tool similar to Hwmonitor and it helps you to track your processor’s temperature by displaying the information of cpu’s and gpu  sensors into percentage and numbers . you will be able to monitoring the temperature of both cpu and core temp for both amd and intel 

The program show multiple things such as frequency and voltage by its detector of overheating that allows  the user to watch processor health and temperature  by tracking the consumption the time of using it

Aida64 is not complicate to use and similar to task manger window ,  


if you want to focus more for monitor  cpu’s temperature , so core temp is the best free tool for this job on your windows, and not only that it also provides you with the maximum temperature of service that your cpu , it gives you the answer to thousands of simple questions such as cpu’s socket and type , number of cores, and threads can take and it appears As Temperature function on Jmax   on the picture  below 

you can download this program from here 

Hwmonitor :

It’s a free program where you cpu can monitor  temperatures of all computer parts with great accuracy. It reads sensor information inside your computer and displays you with accurate data about system block temperatures, such as Cpu temperature, harddrive temperature, GPU temperature, the spinning of the fan cooling and cpu voltages.

hwmonitor is  light and is compatible with all Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit operating systems and provides a portable version so you don’t have to install it on the operating system

Prtg : 

i don’t recommend this toolkit for monitoring  cpu temperature but it can monitor your network server utilization values and your hardware utility , and you can enable the feature of the uttermost use of the hardware 
to download the Paessler CPU Monitoring for your pc from  you can click here 

to monitor amd cpu you must know this things

 Ryzen’s cpus are made in various shapes than other cpu’s As intel , in amd you monitor two things core temp and cpu temp ,core temp is the  average temperature of all the cores of the cpu meanwhile the bios monitor only the cpu temperature which is various than core temp and you can monitor them both on some tools like hw-monitor , but overall you should monitor them just while the cpu temp is extremely high but on idle temperature you find it 40-50 °C – 104-120 °F which is ideal 

  • Best Way to save your cpu lifespan and reduces hot temperature  monitoring the air cooling from the dust , and changing thermalpaste regularly
  • monitoring fanspeed are spinning under loads without making any sounds 
  • monitoring the cleanliness of the other hardware such as gpu, HDD to avoid any blocking to air system of the heat sink that is responsible of changing the temperature of the cpu 
  • open the side window of the case if the temperature of your room is too high 

Conclusion : 

monitoring you cpu’s condition might speeds up a bit by  open one of the tool est et source of the temperature controller  that we already  mentioned above to monitor the temperature after using the information to optimize the environment of your workspace install one of the cpu temp monitor sensors to get a better solution for your desktop devices on hotter temperature 

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