how to know the best Gpu you need to buy ?

graphic cards

how do you choose the right graphic cards for your computer?
graphic card is a pc component used most of the time to optimize the image quality .

and also known as GPU or video card it functions exactly like CPU or the processor.
how does graphic card work with the CPU?

the graphic card takes the information from the central unit processor (CPU) . And it interprets to pixels then it shows it into the monitor.
the central processor unit can display cooperate with the other component , 3d picture however

the GPU can display it with 1080p resolution with 60 fps ( frame per second ) .
years ago the GPU was not developed, it used to transmit the information between the CPU and shows it into the screen
that means the GPU helps the processor to function in better performance

description of the graphic card

it is the computer component has a single input and one or multiple outputs to plug it into the monitor
in desktop or laptop the Gpu compatible with other parts when you plug it, which will let the output ( HDMI, VGA, DVI) is ready to use.

The graphic cards’ component.

the graphics processing unit is the cpu of the video card and it is known by Gpu and it is the main component of the video card.

the gpu contains thousands of cores that allow the card to display the complex graphics operations from the cpu
Nivida named those cores by Cuda Cores (compute unified device architecture ) Nvidia’s custom programming language the physical core in a nvida GPu
، meanwhile Amd named it by Stream Processors is the programming language of AMD


service the function like system ram and that holds whatever data currently being accessed by the GPU, that is the textures and images that makeup what it displays.

on your screen, this is one of the common mistakes everyone is struggling with having more Vram is not gonna get you more frames,
Type of memory is so necessary when you are buying new GPU (GDDR5, GDDR5X Or HBM)

memory bandwidth

is measured by gigabytes per second think of it like tune connecting the GPU ( the chip ) to Vram the bigger that tube is the more effectively the
video card can use the VRAM
and having less VRAM it might cause texture in-game to pop in and out. In 2020 6gb of ram of gamers is more than enough to play the game smoothly.
for programmers and designers, 4gb is enough.

core clock:

it refers to the frequency at which the GPU is running , also it measured in Hertz it is been used as a general measure from generation to another to compare the power of different GPU.

boost clock

: the speed a card can boost itself under heavy processing load, that speed it may drop down if the GPU gets very hot which called thermal throttling, that’s why
companies like MSI, ASUS and gigabyte add a cooling system to a referenced GPU

now let compare the current generation between AMD And Nvidia recent cards

Currently, AMD is using Navi RDNA 1.0 which is developed from the previous architecture Navi on this series AMD launched many of cards
we are going to compare only 3 of it Radeon RX5700, Readon RX5700 and RX5600
RX5700 XT is the highest performance among this series and
RX 5700 is less performance than RX 5700 Xt .

meanwhile, Nvidia has a different architecture from the past generation, it called ”Turing” , it is privileged from the pascal generation by
Real-time ray tracing ‘RTX’.

it lunched many of video cards from this technology ,like GTX 1650, GTx 1660, RTX2060, RTX2070 and RTX 2080

GTx 1650 is the least performance between all of them and is most usually used by video editors and designers,
GTX1660 is the most recommended for new gamers
ANd the RTX is for professional gamers it gives 60 frames in 2k monitors with 144 refresh rate.

from experience, the RX series from AMD optimized from the previous generation Vega, but it still out of the race with Nvidia.
if you are an AMD fan you better wait for the next generation Navi 2.0 to buy one for upgrading or building new pc.

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