How to choose the right AMD CPU for your Pc

Many people are confused while they are buying An AMD CPU, many numbers and letter are appearing, which one is good over the other ? what does those letters and number mean? Which Motherboard support my Cpu, on this article we will share the guide of how to choose the right AMD cpu for your Task.

What are AMD processor categories?

AMD Family A
A6 | A8 | A10
B450 Supporting Motherboards | X470 | X570 | X370 | B350 | A320
The AMD Processor-based Economic Family has three sub-families.the A6 dual-core, A8 quad-core and A10 quad-core processor family and the most powerful among them.
This category of processors is appropriate for tasks such as:

  1. surfing the internet
  2. , watching videos
  3. , playing music
  4. editing text.

These series of processors have an integrated graphics processor which means. you don’t need to invest in a discrete graphics card making them an economic class.

ryzen 5 5600x
ryzen 5 3000

AMD Ryzen 3

2300X | 1300X | 1200 | 3200G | 2200G | 2200GE

Supporting Motherboards | X470 | X570 | X370 | B350 | A320

The AMD Ryzen 3 family is the entry into the middle class and provides a big leap in performance compared to the economic class. because it offers quad-core processors. Perfect for editing photos

  1. , creating videos
  2. , streaming multimedia at 4K resolution
  3. , running multitasking programs
  4. , and playing the latest games with reasonable settings
  5. , virtual reality VR

This family has processors that include a graphics processor. and you can recognize that there is a G at the end of the name, which means you don’t need to buy a graphics card to play games

AMD Ryzen 5

  • 3600X | 3600 | 2500X | 3400G | 2400G | 2400GE | 1600X | 1600 | 1500X | 1400
  • Supporting Motherboard | X470 | X570 | X370 | B350 | A320 / B450

Ryzen processors have more cores and deliver more performance at lower cost. so the Ryzen 5 family opens the door to faster computers with up to six cores. so it’s an excellent choice for both professional players and content creators.

and also provides a large number of cores in Ryzen 5 that provide optimal performance for many processing needs, such as: video editing, virtual reality and running multiple applications simultaneously.
As in the Ryzen 3 family, Ryzen 5 offers several processors including a graphics processor that comes with the G at the end of the name. so it’s the ideal family for building a gaming PC at a reasonable price.

AMD Ryzen 7

  • 3800X | 3700X | 2700X | 2700 | 2700E | 1800X | 1700X | 1700

Supporting Motherboards

  • B450 | X470 | X570 | X370 | B350 | A320

If you want to watch 4K video, experience virtual reality and play the latest games without worrying . the Ryzen 7 Multi-Core family is ideal, for content creators and PC enthusiasts seeking affordable performance. that’s an entry for the high-end AMD processor family.

AMD Ryzen 9

3950X | 3900X B450 | X470 | X570 | X370 | B350 | A320 Supporting Motherboards
AMD has more third-generation core processors with over 12 3900X cores. making this generation’s most powerful AMD processors fit professional players and Content Creators. who needs massive processing power
🟡 AMD Ryzen Threadripper
2990WX | 2970WX | 2950X | 2920X | 1950X | 1920X | 1900X Supporting Motherboard X399
The best AMD processors with up to 32 cores is the Ryzen Threadripper processor, which gives you a breakthrough processing power so you can run anything at the same time. play the best games with the highest settings, amazing video editing and other heavy tasks you want to run on your PC

best cpu for gaming AMD letter meaning

  • The letter G indicates that the processor includes a Vga graphics processor. The same applies to Intel Core processors where Intel processors with the letter G include the Vega graphics processor.
  • The X refers to high performance, desktop processors. Ryzen X-processors have the highest frequency and power consumption. they are the fastest performing among the rest of the processors,
  • and XFR characters mean that the processor is subject to a break in frequency.
  • U refers to low power consumption and is often found in thin and light laptops, which are economic processors
  • H refers to high performance and is dedicated to laptops.
  • Ryzen H-suffix processors feature high speeds and high power consumption. And they’re typically in large laptops because they need a bigger cooling system.

The name of the processor without any characters means that it is a desktop processor

The meaning of numbers

AMD Ryzen processor numbers provide information about processor performance. and to understand numbering more we’ll take the 2600X as an example.
2 in 2600X refers to the processor generation and that means that the processor is the second generation processor. The more recent the generation delivers better performance than ever before. So this number is a quick way to see if Laptop is worth buying.
6 in 2600X indicates the level of performance. 4, 5, and 6 are high performance processors. 7, 8 and 9 to best-performing processors that are professional-oriented like video editing and 3D graphics.
The 2600X 00 numbers refer to the model number and are used for easy processor storage and archiving
The letter “X” indicates that the processor is high performance. and has the XFR feature that allows for breakprocessor frequency

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