High resolution or High frame rates what should you choose ?

Are you confused whenever someone starts talking about monitors ? and use some new terms like 4K , 2k and 1080 p ? you want to buy new monitor for gaming , or for work like coding or designing

in this articles, we are going to describe LED Monitors and to know the advantages and the differences between Them
The main criteria to buy a good monitor

before speaking about the monitor, let’s take a look about the Panel inside each monitor

TN panel ( twisted nematic panel )

is the cheapest , it has a high refresh rate with low response time, and it is the worst from the viewing side
because it lakes the saturation of the color

IPS panel (In panel switching )

it is expensive, it has the best color saturation, with wide vision but it has low refresh rate with high response time

VA(vertical alignment ) panel

it is between TN panel and IPS panel, it is good for programming and for AAA games

Now let’s see the other factures of choosing the right screen


refers to the number of pixels that compose in the picture on the screen.
before explaining resolution let’s first know what is pixel?
A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that displayed and represented on a digital display device.

refresh rate

Through the Hz icon in the screen description that we see today as a major factor in the current monitor configuration; is the frequency of the screen’s upgrade, but what is the refresh rate ?.

Well the screen refresh rate is the number of times that the screen updates its image per second; or more clearly, the number of images that are displayed in each screen update per second.

resolution And although at first glance it might look like a frame rate; they’re really different, the frame rate is the number of pictures that the graphics card process per second; which means that each one is for a different device, the refresh rate is the part of the screen and the frame rate is the responsibility of the graphics card itself.

There are many screen refresh rates right now, the most famous are 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz.

As we’ve indicated, the higher the number, the higher the image refresh rate; the faster the images and graphics on the screen will occur.

And that means, in the end, a better experience with fast-moving games; like shooting games from the perspective of the first person, FBS, auto games, or e-Spaces, in general; that have received a lot of attention in the recent period and a lot of popularity among players, which is what the latest statistics show.


this option is the most important one, the freesync used to decrease the drop fps it happens when your graphic cards show more frames than you monitor can take the freesync locked the frame rate to a certain number of frames, this tool called V sync in AMD Games and it is the best when we are speaking of monitors, and Gsync in Nividia and it supports the freesync as well

G sync

the main reason why NVIDIA launched adaptive rate technologies (which adapts to the number of frames), like NVIDIA G-Sync technology, where both the graphics card and the screen are compatible in the viewing process, a.

So we can say that the player doesn’t really take full advantage of the graphics power that he has in this case, and certainly, the opposite is true, because if you have a weak graphics card; the screen won’t give you what you’re up to if the monitor is running at a high refresh rate, like 144Hz for example or more.

maybe some of you will stop me and say ; “Hey, what kind of crap are you talking about, what’s the use of all these frames and the high refresh rates when the eye can only see a certain number of frames?In this case, I will say to him, “This idea was really popular at some point; where everyone thought this information was correct, but scientific and practical experiments proved that this theory was wrong, or to say the old myth,” it is really different from one person to another.

So anyone who’s ever experienced the high rates of modernization and the high frames can actually tell you that there’s a difference, even a marked difference.

HDR ( high dynamic range )

is a color technology that enables a monitor to display a broader spectrum of colors and contrasts. Basically,
this means it is more realistically displays nuances , color tones, and shows more detail when it comes to light and dark.
it used to optimize the image quality

so we recommend in the Battle Royal games like pubg , forntine , csgo and valorant you better choose TN panel; the less response time and high refresh rate are the better to see enemies!
And for designers and video editors, we suggest IPS panel to see the color of your design or video just like it seems.
and finally if you are a programmer your main screen must be VA panel and for the side screen, you better choose TN panel.

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