best softwares to record your gaming videos for youtube

creating a gaming channel on YouTube and upload your favorite game videos while playing or livestreaming is all gamers want to share; his skills world wild and why not to get some monetizing to your upgrade your setup recording or buying video features to do an outstanding intro to his videos.

but with the huge competition with the gaming industry nowadays in all the platform of video games twitch , Facebookgaming and YouTube,

it’s kinda hard to create a successful youtube channel from your 1st day, with 0 subscriber , but don’t be overwhelmed ,

ensure to keep your passion while produce new content to youtube gamers it will payoff later, and the small channel that you were overwhelmed ,

it generates you a huge passive revenue to your bank account

Excited young man filming his video blog episode about new tech devices while sitting at the kitchen table with laptop and showing bunch of money banknotes

and you must have some programs to do your thumbnails video footage ,

but don’t be afraid of starting , just make sure that your first video is your worst video.

you would get experience by the time of recording and streaming makesure to share your YouTube channel with people on social media

your friend and family they are your supporter they help you to share your video with their networks as well.

another tip to increase your subscribers just focus on one niche , your playing COD warzone a lot ; keep making content on Call Of Duty , or League of legends , Pubg and minecraft or even offline games focus in the start of some specific popular games to get more followers to your channel.

just gurantee your content it adds value to gaming community , walkthroughs a game, secret treasure on map , or gameplay tutorial a style
don’t focus on buying high end microphone , or webcam begin with simple tools that you own

what do youtubers use to record their games

before going to how to make videos on pc lets see how to creat a youtube channel

all you need to open a youtube channels is a Gmail account ; and professional unique identityto be known you by , you can purchase logos from some freelancers on multiple website such as Fiveer or Upwork.

also you can make-use a different channel name, must be catchy and easy to remember and related to your logo and the contents
or create your own templates by adobe illustrator or Photoshop, or canva as online website.

and it already has a thousands of awesome templates that you might design on your thumbnail without investing any dollar.

also you need to create a brief description to your YouTube page ,create a unique gaming description don’t copy any other description you may find on YouTube
you can check the video below to learn how to create a YouTube channels practically

How to record gaming videos for YouTube on pc ?

what are the best softwares to inside any game without lagging there are hundered of softwares that allows you to record video during the game with commentary or mute, or only game audio is on and the best software for this job is

obs studio

is taking the crown as the best screen registering tool for recording YouTube videos and that what any other youtuber is using for their videos , it’s good software to utilize for hd video or livestream ,
the application is not recommended for low end pc , it requires some of cpu usage and ram

Nvidia Shadowplay

or as it known as Nvidiashare is made for GTX or RTX gpu owners to cpature their gaming skills inside the game; you can captures or prodcast any videos on youtube , twitch and facebook

AMD Relive

this program for gamers who has amd gpu on their PCs to facilitate the way of making gaming videos; without any other requirements, the amd technology is like shadow play ,


is the most used program after obs studio specially for video games popular contentcreator ; FBx has free plan and pro plan that can let you enjoy its feautres of watermark .

how to make gaming videos on phone or ipad , and console ?

most of new devices such as latest ios version for iphone let the user capture the display without any app downloaded ; you can verify that by setting and activate the recording option on both android and ios
the same goes of console users Xbox one and ps4 users ; click home button and go or video clips on ps4 but with only Hd videos
meanwhile Sony and microsoft improved this technology of PS5 and Xbox series to reach 4k quality to create your gaming highlights videos

tips to grow your YouTube audience views

firstly you have to learn is the basics of fundamentals of YouTube , producing videos and just uploading won’t increase your growing success rate , there are some hidden work you have to understand except the video editing

Generating new leads advertising strategy. Aiming at target audience. Attracting followers, follow us on social media, subscriber counting concept. Bright vibrant violet vector isolated illustration

the seo of youtube how does it work to rank number one on that keyword or to be on trend that will allow you to increase your community and it goes from small gaming page to serious business that generate million of dollars through the days
you can work on socialmedia marketing strategy to make new audiences to your YouTube videos

How can you make money from gaming videos on youtube ?

there are two ways to getsrevenu from youtube gaming videos ,  the famous way is by Google AdSense  , AdSense pays you for numbers of watch time that you would earn from your YouTube videos

but you have to achive a certain requirement   to approve your demand  before they start monetizing your gaming YouTube game

the more viewers on your videos the more income you earn from YouTube 

 and the second way is by donation of the viewer or subscribed people by sending you direct to your PayPal account or by sending stars during your live gaming stream video.    

making video games videos is amazing businesses for game addict ; you are doing what you want and sharing it to the youtube gaming community ; and youtube’s ads pays well on video game industry and it helps you want to  make new income living resource in the future.

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