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A bottleneck or pc bottleneck crisis may be one of the most common problems in the PC developer community. You may hear that definition in a lot of hardware development videos, or you see it on a site that’s promoting many software that’s promoting applications that cancel out, and you certainly won’t Download it, because it won’t help you.

But when we talk about that issue ; We’re talking about having an element in the computer that’s a problem reducing overall system performance because of its weakness compared to other parts. And the word “bottleneck” came because if you wanted to empty the water in any empty glass, it would be a big deal; The fill speed will depend on the bottle slot. No matter how much water the bottle contains, you’ll have to wait to fill it up.

The same idea is in computers, all components have to be equally functional. Having the best graphics card won’t do you any good if you don’t have a processor that can keep up with speed and a cache that can carry and transmit data from Monday. It slows down or lowers your tires to find games no matter how little they need.

what is bottleneck pc And how can you reduce it ?

The bottleneck pc is in every computer and can’t be disposed of completely, but it can be reduced. If the bottleneck pc can be totally eliminated, we will find computers with infinite fermat and illogical performance

You can’t calculate a bottleneck pc by any percentage, and I talked about the placebo sites that claim a Bolneck (post link so comments) can only be described if it’s too influential or can be overlooked, and if it’s computable, is there an equation for that until I count all the scenarios?

The Reason why pc bottleneck happend

The imbalance between the interior parts:

This bottleneck will most likely occur because of a mismatch or balance of performance between parts of the computer. Don’t be determined to change your graphics card if you have a weak or an old generation processor that will create a combination of the two and prevent the second from processing graphics card frames.

It’s a matter of speed that the processor won’t be able to follow as well as you expect.

the bottom line, putting a powerful processor with a weak graphics card is sure to be a problem, and you certainly won’t put an old card and an old processor together to have a fast device, you certainly won’t think about it, right?

The bottleneck pcis between the processor and the storage unit found between the rams and the processor (Ryzen processors require high-speed fines so that it does not lose its promised performance), and is between the flower and the processor (the flower must be able to withstand the processor from the power cycle)… What matters is that Bottleneck is everywhere not even in Hardware but in software as in operating systems…

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One of the most powerful examples of bottleneck pc is twice the processor for the card, because the function of the processor is to decompress and process data, and then send it as a card code to the screen roundness, and this process is repeated by the number of frames per second, and if the game is working with 30 frames, then the process will repeat 30 times per second, and each operation must be done in less than 33 ms, each number of frames Processor and card functionality is difficult, but the processor is more erratic because its cores are low enough and you can respond to multiple tasks simultaneously with a small number of people. And so the worst scenario you could experience is a weaker processor than a microprocessor, and you’ll see a lot of horrible trains and really big secretions because the card stopped ringing because it bypassed the processor and didn’t get the software lines that the processor couldn’t catch up with.

When the processor is stronger than the card, the games will work with lower consumption, lower pressure, and better relief, it will provide the card with everything it can. But the untapped performance will benefit from it not exhausting itself for no reason, and to keep its temperature, speed of circulation, and its virtual age, of course

Cpu-bound games: It has poor graphics, or rather it is easy to resonate. Even the Intel uhd card can even make a game over 60 frames that are often required on the processor. The most prominent example of this is Cs go, whose frames with powerful cards reach a limit of 600 frames. Play resolution is also an important factor

Video games is based on GPU Bound the game who it’s based on gpu bound has a strong graphic and detailed, very demanding, , and the most prominent example of this is the The witcher 3 game that runs on the 2c/4th processor because it based on the Rendering , and there are other factors like the nature of the engine, the architecture of the game and the support of technology…

Best way to reduce pc bottleneck

When a processor is stronger than a card, it’s a positive thing, because you’re going to have a lot of room to develop a screen card, because it’s easy to develop, and all you have to do is get a card, because all of them have one PCIE port, and the differences between speeds are not important on the ground because they’re not being exploited yet, whereas the development of a processor often needs to develop a flower, but you can even use direct trims with more comfortable breathing! Even the processor scenario is stronger than the ball remains under the definition of the general bottleneck, but it is one of the best scenarios can happen especially for Al-Qaymarz

Processor and card use varies depending on the programs and games, and the renders of the applications are often more heavy on the card, but games are relative and depend on many reasons:

Upgrade your computer components

The best way to avoid that crisis is to update the pieces that have passed over time because they will cause you a crisis in the future.

If you have enough money, do that step and make sure that the piece you’re going to change is compatible with the rest of your computer. Your purchase of the best piece in the current category won’t help you if it doesn’t match the rest of the pieces. Balancing your PC parts will be the best option while you buy a new piece


If you don’t have enough money to update your device, you might consider doing the Overclocking operation. It can be done for the processor and graphics card. But you have to be careful and read what you find here before you take that step.

By raising the frequency of those pieces, they will make them capable of doing more difficult work than what they were designed to do, basically to increase their performance. Sometimes it reduces the bottleneck. And that process is safe if you know what you’re doing to get better performance without paying the big money.

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