Step by step tutorial in how to set up a dual monitor

Building a powerful pc to play video games; or to stream is start going worldwide in the past few years, and we have seen an increasing number of streamers on Twitch and Facebook gaming, any many of them are still searching in how to set up a dual monitor

and not only that even people who are working from their home due to lockdown or the professional freelancers who are working on video production or motion graphics, programmers and web developers,

they are still struggling to find the perfect and easiest to find how to set up a dual monitor to one pc, or laptop with dual monitor
Depends on what do they have to use a second monitor,

But maybe some of the readers will say; why should we spend money on extra display although I can just work on only one monitor, yes you can! but it facilitates the work environment
And you can just open a youtube video from one and work on another.

Let’s see how to set up a dual monitor to a pc

But before that, we should answer a couple of common question on this topic

Port display ( check GPU)

First, you must know that does the GPU can handle running two different monitors or not,
Although the recent GPU can run multiple monitors at the same time for people who are still using the GTX 950 or less powerful GPU that, they must know that.
Port display, you should plug your monitors into HDMI ports to get the best resolution out of your GPU
But if you only have one port, plug the primary one there.

Display specification

Should we buy the same display specification to connect them on the same pc, actually no
For gamers, they buy two with different specification, one of Esport game and the secondary to play RBg games
But for professional workers, they buy the primary one of color accuracy if we are talking about video editing and graphic designers and the secondary just normal one.
But if their pc doesn’t have an HDMI port, you don’t have to

how to set up a dual monitor to laptop or pc

Now that the two monitors are connected, we’re going to set them up through the system so that they can do the show that we want, some people prefer each monitor to be independent in its software and work, and others like to work on two screens like one.
The first thing we’re going to do is right-click the desktop and choose Display Settings.

which will take us to the Custom Your display window, as shown in the next image, the computer has detected another display, which is the Number Two screen
First, you should make sure that the first screen and the second screen are actually in the same shape as the previous image. by clicking on Identity and the number 1 and 2 will appear on both screens as in the next image.
In this form we can make sure that the two screens are actually in the same default order as them, if the position is different only, mark the choice of Make this my main display.

Now we’re doing a little bit of tuning like checking the screen resolution that they’re identical,
and you can choose between Extended displays if you want the monitors to work or Duplicate search displays to make the monitors like a single screen.

The next step is to set the taskbar, right-click the taskbar, and select Settings to show you the next window. You will find a bookmark in front of Show tasks on all displays.

You will choose the Main tasks and task window open, where two taskbars will appear of each other on each screen.

and when you open the other’s two screens On either screen; the program appears on the taskbar located in its monitor only.

On the background, you’ll right-click the desktop and choose Personalization to choose the background you want; and you can choose the background-position.

If you want the background to extend across the screens in a panoramic way, you’ll choose Span.

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