intel 12th generation alder lake z690 chipset leaks specs

Intel will reveal the 12th generation Z690 motherboards at the end of this year , for the first time intel the desktop motherboard support 10nm process and for the first time support ddr5 ram socket , and with new change for the interface  LGA chipest , the motherboard cpu chipest match the new 600 series .

the authoritative hardware  identification  tool hwinfo  lake the beta which included the Asus Z690 which is the first time for the intel z690 motherboard publicly seen 

as many youtubers have said the the 600 series will support Pcie5.0 and both DDR5 and DDR4 
the flasgship motherboard of Asus will equipped DDR5 memory meanwhile the low end and mid end will be paired with only the DDR4 , but still not clear yet  that if there’s an upcoming motherobard that will be compatiable with the two memory slots or not 
intel has confirmed that their 12th generation processors will be avaible on the 3rd quarter of the year and will be on the market at the end of the year as well 

but rumors said that the raptor lake core  13th gener of intel will use the 10nm technology for the next generation as well with a large and small architecture core with the same interface 1700 gpa chipest  which reveal that there will be an annoucment soon for 700 series of motherboards 


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