3 easy steps to win in league of legend wild rift

league of legends wild rift became one of the most downloaded game in playstore, just after almost 3months of its released date, and studies shows that most of its players are first time playing league of legend.

and people are asking a lot of questions on both quora and reedit, which champion is good for me ? and how can i win the game in League of legend of wild rift?

on this article we will try to help you with 3 main steps to get the best of your champion and to increase your strategy skills during the game

How to claim a victory in league of legends wild rift easily

Every game you play goes by 3 parts, part one is the lane, and mid-game & last game, if every time you play and you die a lot, make sure to read these steps I guarantee you to win the first two parts of the game

if you played well as a team you will win the game.
you must know when your champion is powerful during the game?

First, you should know your champion, whenever you buy a new champion, you must go to practice arena and discover your champion. by saying knowing means that when your champion can be powerful,

is it at the beginning of the game, or middle of the game or late game.

And to reach that level you must play a lot with only one champion; until you find that champion that matches your gameplay style.
Also which item fits the most to his power and the skills that you must use to damage your opponents.

don’t underestimate Minions

league of legends wild rift how to claim win image

minions can give you the full advantage at the beginning of each game; and the best thing to do to get the advantage out of them, is to attack your opponent champion and your minion surrounded by you; which actually means you have to be in your minions attacking range

  • the second tip

is don’t chase low hp enemies, we all know they are an easy kill; but whenever you are going toward him you are losing a big advantage of the minions, and you will be attacked by the minions of your enemies.

  • Team play harmony always wins:

by playing with your friends you will increase your win percentage by 60~70%; communication always is the best way to fix roles and play with a good strategy So open your mic on !

  • Focus on farming

once you pick a role and find the best champion, it’s time to farm; farming is one skill that many people are not considering and not taking it seriously, farming equals Gold & gold equals item

Junglers Champions are either an Allies or Badass enemies

Avoid jungler:

sometimes jungler of your team does some ganks and he helps you to get an easy kill or the jungler of your opponent doing some ganks to you and kills you every time you battle him; so how can you stop him ?
Easy way to stop him to put WARDS into the river, to expose junglers and the other enemy champion
If you ever see jungler coming toward you just run away; you are going to be in battle 2 vs 1 jungler and enemy champion Versus you ,you may fight them only if you are playing by Darius, he can handle them if he is well farmed

know when you supposed to come back to the base

one of the best things on wild rift league of legend is honey fruits.
honey fruits increase you HP after fights; and you can find them under the towers to use it instead to come back to the Base
go back to the base only to buy items that you know it will power up your champion

don’t stay to long on the lane, go back from time to time to the base to buy new items

another tip to come back to the base is when your opponent is doing split push and he is spreading his minions into the lane to destroy your towers meanwhile; you are in a different lane, come back to the base and face him on that lane,

those were couple of tips of our gaming stratgey of being League of legend players for the past couple of years ; i hope that you find it useful


Some of these steps are harder to follow than others, that’s for sure. But with time and practice, I can almost guarantee your chances of winning will rise dramatically if you follow these steps.

Don’t forget, there’s no rush to master them all! Just be conscious of what you’re doing within your games and you’re certain to do better in the game!

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