MAcbook air vs MAcbook pro

a lot of people are confusing about which MacBook to buy in 2020! although appel released a lot of version of laptops but
still, people are fighting which one is more professional than the other; currently Mac has 3 different types of laptops (Imac, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro)

first picking between MacBook pro And Macbook air is not that simple both of them have their pros and cons
and each year one is ahead of another.


Build quality

both of these laptops are using aluminum unibody style, also they are using the same Trackpad.

MacBook air came first with Magic keyboard, after awhile Apple released the 13-inch MacBook pro with the same keyboard as well.

only one difference in the keyboard, the MacBook came with a touch bar; meanwhile the Macbook air still with the standard row function keys.



is slightly different from each other the MacBook air little Edge than the Macbook pro is the flat shape and it’s made for people who are writing or using a keyboard for a long time, also the USB port selection.
The Macbook air comes with only 2 USB 3.0 port meanwhile the MacBook Pro comes with two versions, two ports selection just like the MacBook Air.
and other versions with 4 ports USB 3.0.

Battery life

the Mac Air has the longest battery usage duration than the Macbook pro; it can stay 10 hours in normal use.

on display

both of them are 13.3 inches; they are using Apple’s Retina display and both of them are extremely awesome but there some differences.

Brightness the MacBook air with 350 nits brightness meanwhile MacBook pro with more than 500 nits
Also the MacBook pro support P3 wide color when MacBook Air doesn’t support it; and this is great for people who are using photoshop, and video editing a lot.


the Macbook pro has a two different version and each one of them has an Impressive performance than the other.
MacBook Pro 13inch, unfortunately, this version is less powerful than the 15inch; also it came with intel iris graphics that it can run
two 4k monitors at the same time with stunning quality .

MacBook Pro 15 inch is one of the favorites by the professionalsn; who are working with high tech performance such as Coders and Designers.

MacBook Air is one of the most rated laptops by the users, because of the price of its fans.

Choosing one over another depends of your budget, the more you spend the more performance you will get.

and secondly releated to your needs so if you are going to use it for study; or Netflix and Spotify you should get a Macbook air for that.

but if you are going to you use it for work like coding or Designing and video editing; definitely you have to choose MacBook pro is made for people with skills and for professionals.