How choose your programming computer (2020)

A computer is an indispensable tool for every programmer ; but how do you know your computer is good or bad for starting your programming career? how do you choose what kind of programming computer you should pick for ? for work or study to get your job or exercies done before anyone else !

most of the computer is fine to start coding with; if you are student save your money and get an affordable one, but if you are making a living with it you should fellow.
this steps to get a powerful computer with very low budget

first, let’s answer some common question

Programming computer you should pick custom build or pre-built

for custom you would know what hardware ; you will get and how will be your computer performance, buying each part individually you need to make sure that is compatible with.
every other part to get a killing performance , it requires some knowledge but we are here to help you with it.
prebuilt pc is convenient , but you are limited with but it is a cheaper option, since the part of are bought directly from the manufacture and most of the parts especially GPU.
are very expensive because people are using them in currency mining

laptop Vs desktop

some of you are struggling as programming learner or freelancer, to choose between either buying a laptop or desktop for the developing career
first, we are going to describe the advantage of both of them

for the laptop, you are flexible to code in your office, living room or in cafeshop, cheaper and more powerful than the desktop ( low budget compared to the performance )
many coding professionals have admitted that they haven’t used desktop in years because of the powerful components of Desktop in recent years, one of the negative things of a laptop is

if you are thinking of getting a pc you should buy or build a hybrid computer that includes both HDD and SSD storage system to keep your operating system and file save, and
to get as fast compiling as u can

before answering this question we should know either you choose mac over windows and most of the time it doesn’t matter that much it is all about hardware and budget
but first, let’s see the difference between mac

Windows is the most popular operation system, and it supports most of the programming language so if your programming language works in windows you may look no further.

macOS is easier to use, and if you are going to develop an ios app ( for iPad; iPhone or even mac itself ) you better choose mac most of the people are using Xcode to develop ios app and it only works in mac.
Linux is far ahead of MacOs and windows, when it comes to security and customizability, but it lacks some features and software comparing to another operation system.

the criteria of hardware I recommend is : I would suggest laptop light, portable and affordable built well enough

system requirements :

today’s software they are using a lot of memory, they are quite complex to help you develop a rich application, they need a lot of memory for compiling

at least you should have 8 GB of ram or even more
if you are running less than that ; believe me that you would have things slow ;things and page will take a lot of time to load, it will be noticeable delay at operation.

SSD : is also one of the most aspects for compiling ; we are talking about 10 times faster than the usual hard drive Hdd .
if we are going to talk about windows you better use I5 cpu 6th generation or higher

Screen size it is the number one factor to learn how to program . The real estate of the monitor the larger screen is the better it is going to be ; it better to have
sufficient resolution to watch a video and you have enough space for programming along
,if your budget can afford to spend and extra money for another monitor i would certainly recommend doing that
and for the laptops, consider to buy the cheap monitor and plugging that in ; that way you can watch the video on the side screen and type on the laptop monitors.

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