Top best gaming headsets on 2021 for pc


while thinking hard of the exact cpu,gpu and perfect monitor combo of the gaming pc so the games would look exactly how you want them to, think of how will end up sounding ,

the best gaming headsets add great percentage to the gaming value most of gamers doesn’t spend much money to their headsets that tell you where those gun shots are coming from through their new technology of the sounding  aspects they are giving; or isolating the voices and the surrounding audio while playing an online game

that give you considerable advantage to spot the enemy many people doesn’t understand that being able to hear the game clearly is an essential like staring to the screen with different price range gaming rigs nowdays can’t be completed without the best gaming headsets to use it for your pc,ps,xbox and Nintendo 

 but to purchase the perfect gaming headset must be comfy and sounds appreciableprimarily. i brought you the best headset for gaming in 2021

which is the best gaming headsets for pc,ps,xbox 

Image Product comptability Price
backpac HyperX Cloud Flight S  pc, xbox , ps Check Price
backpac Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset pc,xbox , ps mobile Check Price
backpac Razer Kraken Gaming Headset playstation, pc Check Price
backpac Corsair VOID RGB Elite pc, ps and nintendo switch
Check Price
cordlessblower SteelSeries Arctis 1 pc Check Price
SOMIC G951pink Gaming Headset for PC
Pc Check Price

through the years we have seen many of evolution on headphones , which included many of improvement on its hardware and shape .

 for example two years ago many wireless headphones been last only for maximum 2 hours , and nowon gaming headset could last for almost 16 hours average gaming or chatting time  on their pc or PlayStation or any other gaming platform.

 also many consoles start relasing their own headset as we have seen on PS5 and xbox series X|S like Pulse3d and xbox wireless headset let’s see the best gaming headset for pc, xboxone, xbox serie s ,ps and mobile 

Best gaming headsets  under 100$

Hyperx cloud II 

copyrights to hyperx

This new 2.4GHz gaming wireless headphone offers up to 30 hours of battery life and 20m of wireless range for free play, work or study from home without wires. 

The wireless CloudII headphone features a aluminum frame with an adjustable aluminum frame; flexible skin and premium pillows for long comfort. 

these headphone also includes easy speaker controls Adjusts the volume, accents microphone; activates microphone monitoring system, and surround sound 7.1 to improve in-place audio .

The headphone is compatible with PCs, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and also includes a removable microphone for noise cancelation; background disturbed effects to enhance chat inside game, video conferencing, and other quiet situations. 

The flexible microphone is Led marker for mute the microphone’s audio. It is noteworthy that the CloudII Wireless speaker is supported TeamSpeak and Discord for seamless chat compatibility and work in full compatibility with HyperX’s NGENUITY .

the headsets work better on pc/mac connection port 

SteelSeries Arctis 5

copyright reserved to steelseries

is the best multiplatform gaming headset and espcially for pc gamers; with a modern shapes from arctis 4 and rgb lightning and came with retractable microphone, and chat mixer plus to virtual 7.1 sound condition .

 once you instal its software the chat mixer dial  let you adjust the sound conditions between the chat,and game sound while playing or even for music .

including to two extra audio profile on the software that let you adjust each one for specific job . 

purchasing arctis5 won’t disappoint any gamer for this low cost cost

Corsair HS60 Haptic Stereo

copyright reserved to crosair

The CorsairHS60 Adaptec Gaming Headset may not be an exceptional gaming headphone or capacity, but it’s a high-endgaming headset, server quality, sleek shape, and musicperformance,

with Haptic basses technology that doesn’t just make you hear sounds, but you can sense it. Although there are some defects, such as not rotating the earthen pillow to make it easier to put it on the shoulder,

but for a medium-priced headphone it offers very amazing features, performance and raw materials.

Best gaming headset under 200 $ 

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro 

copyright reserved to razer

The headset is build of excellent first-rate. of plastic that provides you a feeling of owning a professional headset that you buy; the ear cubs are soft cloth , they are so comfy comparing to many other with the same price tag

The outstanding performance of the sound condition on gaming , musics and movies; the headset is coming with THX special audio technology, and it’s considered the new update of 7.1 surrounding sounding 

The microphone of can adjust its level from synaps software of razer  

logitech  prox

copyright reserved to logitech

as we know from logi tech  is one of the sponsoring hardwares store some many streamers such as shroud; who are using Gprox on his daily stream with customize version of his logo 

The wirless g pro x is only made for gaming which is not compatible with any other device except the pc and console , it came with firstrate of earcups that came with two of them leather and cloth that add more sound isolation with leather

with retractable mic and usb  g pro soundcard to connect it to the computer or any other platfroms and let you customize the microphone audio performance during your gaming .

overall the headset is made more for pc gamers that profit more about its features that’s coming with the headset; i don’t the product  recommended it to any other function except gaming 

TurtleBeach Elite Pro 2

copyright reserved to turtlebeach

Judging by headphones alone, ElitePro 2 is really beautiful. The physical build is the same as TurtleBeach Atlas (the PC-centric cousin of ElitePro . This means you get the same elastic/steel hybrid headband built , plush earcups, removable speaker panels and a lot of grooves to search  the ideal wearing style.

You can create small channels in it to accommodate your glasses using Turtle Beach’s novel ProSpecs technology.The headset has a detachable boom microphone, a detachable 3.5 mm audio cable, and a microphone mute button located under the cables.

If you are buying a genuine gaming headset and you needto find an advantage in gaming such as Fortnite, Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5, then yes, this is a very good can.

When it comes to surround sound and occasional noises, the crystal clarity provided by SuperAmp is excellent; which is undoubtedly the best feature of ElitePro 2.

The best gaming headsets ever

the best gaming headsetes avaibale for pc,xbox; ps and nintendo switch and most bought from amazon for different budget options, you might find the best stereos gaming  here for all the platfrom pc , xbox, ps

HyperX Cloud RevolverS 

copyright reserved to hyperx

HyperX undoubtedly introduced a different product with a private printer and delivered the best audio premium I’ve ever experienced with a two-channel audio; one HyperX Cloud revolver S speaker that is undoubtedly worthy of acquisition.

It adds a unique experience. I should  tell you that the area of audio is different from one person to another, and more accurately, that each person’s ears is different and; your preference for sound, the BASS, Treble, the sound is the slogan of this speaker.

 When you utilize your speaker, you’ll hear everything. The speaker’s response to these frequencies is superb

the best performance you can reach from this headsets is on gaming pc with new generation of motherboard

Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO 

copyright reserved to beyerdynamic

those pair of the headset are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming  world because of the famous streamer of Fortnite Ninja and more and more streamers are playing with these headset. what’s the secret of this headset? 

designed with an open back speaker with the an amazing tested aspect highs/lows that gives you little details wind the leaves during the game  it’s multitasking headset for gaming , voice over,montage usage and alot of other things 

the headset came with wiredcable plugged to the which  let these kind of headsets one time used , you can’t fix the wires if it is broken .compatiable with pc and console

Sennheiser HD 4.40 

the design of this headphone is amazing, well finished plastic and the fine status of button and different shapes  on the earcups that help you to identify the function of any button . the battery can last up to 20 hours of playing and listening to musics  and movies with a wireless wire the HD4.40 provides you the best headset for gaming and moviescaompatiable with .

pc and consoleConclusion to find the best gaming headset for your pc , xbox , ps, nintendo or mobile it’s 100% personal prefernces, but for me Hyperx cloud alpha is the best in the market right now with worthy pricing ,

and they are compatiable with pc,ps and xbox ,hyperx has the best branding on headsets which let you enjoy the gaming details with cheap price

wirless gaming headsets headsetes available comptability  , pc xbox ps  pc , xbox , playstation pc, ps and nintendo switch  blackshark

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