best desktop computers for video editing buying guide

building a or video editing pc desktop workstation that can run all the editing ( photo and video ) softwares is quite diffcult with the hundred of best chips now ,
but every video -photo editing pc build must have the essential parts ( CPU,RAM , Motherboard, GPU, PSU) of this operation
but choosing the right computer components for video editor softwares can gives a computer build can last for few years of editing softwares support , buy what computer parts do you need for video editing computer ?

what specs matter for video and photo editing

a common question is each video editors is getting with 0 experience pc builder is buying a powerful Graphic card that will provides you faster rendering ,

meanwhile it’s all about multi-cores processor that would help you processing with the video production with excellent performance.

how much memory for 4k video editing

Random memories are very important in all cases and don’t neglect them on video editing computer.

My advice to you is to buy at least 8GiB of Vram if you’re working on a 1080p video resolution; and don’t think about giving away this capacity at the expense of any piece.

If you’re deciding to go directly into the 4K world, which I don’t think the Internet ( youtube users) might support,

you should go to 16Gigabytes 3200mhz it’s the bare minmum for 4k-6k resolution;you can powering it up to 32 gb for better configuration in complexes timeline .

that would cost you around 300-400 usd $

The advantage of building video editing pc with those specification is the world is that modern softwares can take advantage of ultimate -capacity memory,

so I’m not stopping you from having a memory with capacities up to 64gigabytes ; but these capacities don’t prioritize over the value of video part and the processors as I mentioned above.

gtx 1660 ti 4k video editing:

When buying a GPU for video editing, what you should look for is the “Cuda” cores . The Cuda core is the core of the NVIDIA GPUs. The more you have, the better performances you can usually get.
You should also pay attention to the GPU clock speed. This tells us how fasts the Vram cores is, and in general shows how fast the GPUs are .
When the workload is distributed between theGPU and theCPU, the computers wouldwould have more free resources to focus on the more demanding tasks it needs to complete
If you’re working on 1080-sized videos, we recommend two GTX 1060 or GTX 1060 display cards,
If you’re working on 4K or higher videos, you can say RTX 2070 is a nice choice.
If you’re on-screen intensive tasks such as painting and editing on DaVinci Resolve, here we suggest Nvidia 3060 video card and RTX 3060 Ti ,

consider that your purchase of such ‘expensive’ parts is of course very relevant to the revenue you get your setup .

Storage for editing desktops

I recommend you get an NVMe-Family SSD to carry the operating system including the software you’re working on primarily with the Product,

and if you’re out of your reach, it’s okay for buying on a SATA III module.

The necssary thing is that you don’t adopt hard disk for this software and your SSD part is not less than 256GiB.
For the unit that carry your resources from moving segments ,

I propose SATA III primarily, but there’s no problem if you adopt hard disk units, except when you’re loading at slower times as well.
All I have to tell you here is that the storage in the montage state should be SSD, not hard disk, in all cases possible. If you wantto compromise, don’t compromise your OS carrier and software whatever happens.

best processors for video encoding.

Both intel and amd ryzen cpus are good for video and photo editing computers ,

but what matters a lot for encoding and for open source video on the videostudio or imovie ,

but with the devolvement of these software, the more cpu power needed ,

so we brought you a list of the best budget micro-computers for video editing that was benchmarked on Adobe premier pro on 2019.

What computer requirements do i need for video – photo editing pc build ?

the following pc specfics are what video editing workstations computers should contain to work with no bugs, or issues
the best pc build for video and photo editing

  • · CPU 6 cores (8 for after effect, ryzen recommended)
  • · 16GigaBytes of RAMs (32GigaB for After Effect)
  • · GTX1060 (4k video editing) and 2060 for (6 or 8k)
  • · NVMe SSD 256GB (for active project file)
  • · HDD 1/2TB (optional, for storing finished file)

are gaming pcs good for video editing

To be honest i’d say yes in some cases and no for others , because video games is always based on graphic card performances more than the CPU ,

and that what editing pcs requires to accelerates during the editing tools.

but if you want to build a hypered computer for both gaming and editing all you should have to invest more money on gpus while keeping the same other specfs and adding more Sata to your files,

it’s kinda similar between the editing pc and gaming pc ,

and yes you can build a pc that can manage gaming and editing in the same pc ; but you can’t find a pc to do all that on cheap price

which operation system is enoughfor workstations computers mac or pc ?

the Imac apple device are amazing for professionals with the stability of doing their editing that effect positively on their time and results ,

but personally i prefer windows on pc over mac for the upgradability and multi tasking processes .

best video editing softwares speaking of video editing computer now let’s see the best video editing softwares on pc and mac


this programmes is mostly used by video editors who just started their video editing carrer; it has the free and paid version , but the unpaid plan has sufficient cool elements that helps you .

as well you are able to export your project on resolution up to 4k


if you looking for windows only video editor program; VSDC must be your first and the best application you have to utilize , and like video pad , i

t came with free and paid plans, it has a lot of element such as video and voice effects ,

video transitions , masking and motion tracker .allow to export up to 4k resolution for all the projects .

Hitfilm express is free video editing software that comes only for pc but with limited features ,

but for beginners is more than enough for them to use the unpaid plan of this program,

and i consider hitfilm express is goodenough choice for newbie of video editing desktops user.

you can do unlimited color correction with some audio and video footage transition; the paid plan starts with 10 usd $ to get more element .


the opening source program is developed back to 2004 and it’s updated monthly for regular basis ,

it’s completely free and includes tons of unlimited useful features. it similar to the famous latest video softwares for pc ,

mastering shoutcut helps you use any other pc editing k video.

DA Vinci Re-solve 17

released on 2004 for computer version with un paid pack unlimited advanced features that let it on number 1 spot as the best computer for video editing and better than any other paid tool,

you can work on any project with multi tracking timeline editing ,

trimming and hdr grading tool the fusion tool are built tfor create amazing visual effects and motion graphics.

those video editing pc software that i mentioned all of them can work on 8gb of ram .

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