Which is better Xbox Series X Vs Series S ?

Now after the huge competition of the New generation, and after the strong competition between Sony PS5 and Xbox series, people are wondering which device should they get? is it the PS5 ? or Xbox ? and if it’s the xbox which serie? xbox S or X

on this article i want to do a full comparision between xbox series x vs series s

Xbox Series X and Series S comparison !

Xbox-Series-x vs Xbox-Series-s
Xbox-Series-x vs Xbox-Series-s

Xbox Series X capabilities !

  • Manufacturing Resolution : 7nm
  • CPU or Processor : Zen 2 Octal, up to 3.8GHz Normal, 3.6GHz Multithreading Operation.
  • GPU or graphics processor : AMD architecture RDNA 2 and will bring 12.15 terafloops or TFLOPS with 52 CPUs at 1.825GHz
  • RAM : It has 16GB GDDR.6 560GB/s for 10GB of memory and the remaining 6GB is 336GB/s
  • Storage : The NVMe SSD port and 1TB storage capacity will officially be available, so expect semi-finished load monitors based on Velocity, DirectX Storage API and Sampler Feedback to increase the I/O factor by 2.5X over the normal rate.
  • Target Display Resolution and Frames : Targets 4K 60fps display resolution with the ability to play on 120fps
  • Drive : Available for 4K UHD BluRay support with HDMI 2.1
  • Released on: November 10, 2020
  • Price : $500

What about the Xbox Series S capabilities ?!

  • Manufacturing Resolution : 7nm
  • CPU or Processor : Same type of Xbox Series X, eight-channel Zen 2, with up to 3.6GHz average and 3.4GHz running Multithreading (already faster than PS5)
  • GPU or graphics processor : AMD Architecture RDNA 2 and will bring 4 Terafloops or TFLOPS with 20 CPUs at 1.565 frequency
  • RAM : Has 10GB GDDR.6 224GB/s of 8GB memory with 56GB/s of the remaining 2GB
  • Storage : NVMe SSD port and 512GB storage capacity will be formally available, so expect semi-finished boot displays based on the Flex Series X architecture itself
  • Target Display Resolution and Frames : The platform will run on 1440p with 60fps with 120fps access and 4K Upscled support
  • Drive : There’s no Xbox Series S platform..
  • Released on : November 10, 2020
  • Price : $300

What is the purpose of Xbox Series S ?

Of course, the differences are obvious, but we have to put things right because Xbox Series S is not coming to compete with his older brother ; of course, but is coming to expand and attract a new audience that doesn’t care about 4K resolution; or doesn’t even have 4K TV; so all he wants is the smooth play experience of 1080p and 1440p; which also benefit the next generation itself, whether SSD Frame rate, more detail at play, etc. Xbox says of the micro-platform that it has the capabilities of the entire new generation even in radiology.

The only difference between it and Xbox Series X is the resolution of the show, of course, and at an affordable price like $300, Xbox Series S is a haven for a lot of middle-income players who want a distinct experience free from next-generation aura that might be unnecessary for them; so it’s a balanced platform and a beautiful compromise that will attract different categories of players, and Xbox says it’s a first step before actually entering the next generation world It’s in response to the demands of some who don’t care about 4K or don’t have a TV to support

And as you can see, Xbox Series X is super !

Almost, there’s a terrible advantage especially in the number of TFLOPS for Xbox Series X with more RAM; more storage space, and it’s a big problem for Xbox Series S, especially with current game sizes !!

We see the biggest difference in display resolution, of course, but the processor is almost one for both and by a slight margin XSX is superior to his younger brother, interestingly; the Xbox Series S processor is going to be four times stronger than the Xbox One and is actually faster than PS5 in terms of processing, no comment..!!

Let’s see the mutual things between two of them

  • 4K Media Player support
  • Officially supporting X-ray technology for both
  • Xbox Series X Xbox
  • Support for Variable Refresh Rate
  • Variable Rate Sadding property
  • Near-zero delay factor or Ultra Latency Mode which means fast response to the controller with HDMI 2.1
  • Xbox Series X Xbox
  • Xbox Series S will be 60% smaller than Xbox Series X
  • Support for Sambler Feed Streaming with DirectX Storage API which means 2.5X increase in platform I/O.
  • Get super fast SSD backed by Xbox Velocity architecture, which means that load monitors are out and out with Quick Resume that lets you navigate the different games instantaneously while keeping the point where you’ve stopped playing even if you’ve closed the stage for a week, and Xbox supports the extra SSD pieces of its Seagate that you can buy alone.
  • More intense, more dynamic worlds
  • 120fps support, and it’s already shown in a clip that Xbox has shown us in Gears 5, and it’s actually doing amazing performance!

Backward Compatibility

Almost the cover and cover on Xbox, with a feature like this, you’ll be able to play all the previous generation Xbox games, literally thousands of games, all the way up to the next generation; in terms of display resolution and just frames, and the problem that many have gone through is that the Xbox Series S is just going to be digital, so what’s going to be the status of the last generation games that have only been on a disk ?

Now, Xbox responds, and emphasizes that there’s no solution in this case but to buy the game again; so try to make all your next game versions digital just to get the exact support that we discussed in a recent article :

From now on… don’t buy physical copies of any game coming!

Microsoft has also confirmed that the Xbox Series S will run the Xbox One S version of the Backward  Compatibility, and you won’t be able to run the Xbox One X version of these addresses; which means you won’t get the Backward  Compatibility version on Xbox Series 4K Any graphics enhancements specific to the Xbox One X today, but the next-generation platform ensures you an increase in Picture Filtering with more consistent performance in more frames, faster boot monitors and automatic HDR..

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

No doubt the best show in the history of games, this service gives you an online game instead of sharing individually in Xbox Live Gold; with the ability to experience more than 100 different games free of charge as long as you pay only a $15 monthly cheap subscription, so connect all of this Ecocsystem to the personal computer and play all of these free games on it as well..

XCloud Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Service

Xbox All Access

It’s a system that ensures that you pay for your platforms for the next generation in monthly installments for a year without interest, without advance payment and without any use of you as a player; all you have to do is pay $25 a month for the Xbox Series S or $35 a month for Xbox Series X, and that’s going to ensure this promise with me :

  • You get a formally next generation platform
  • Every year subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which now gives you 160 immediate free trial games, including its 100-address library with the 60-game EA Play library is also
  • Gaming online, of course, via Xbox Live Gold
  • Enjoy the cloud XClud feature when it’s released on September 15..

Xbox All Access Xbox Series X Xbox

Did you imagine that you could only get this value for $25 ?? The only problem is that the service will not be available in the Middle East, but will issue a principle in 12 countries, including the US; Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Poland and South Korea, and Xbox promises that it will be the service for everyone soon

Which one is better than the other ?  xbox series x vs series s

We must observe the two systems personally and adjust them gradually to truly know which is more valuable.

According to specifications and features, Xbox Series X seems to be well-rounded; with greater processing power and 4K rendering capabilities, and double the storage space and optical media drives.

However, it is larger and more expensive, so if you need the budget and space, then the Xbox Series S seems to be a respected system with powerful features on its own; although the lack of a disk drive is an obvious weakness.

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